Past Workshops:

Yoga of Food, Yogic Lifestyle and the Digestive System 

with Lori Palmer

Sunday: 4/17/2016 From: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Come explore your notions about nutrition, engage in a practice of conscious consumption, and leave inspired and energized to bring more yoga into your nourishment off the mat. Yoga, and its practice of mindfulness can offer a surprisingly effective path to well-being. Integrating body, mind, and spirit, we may transform our connection to food and to our bodies. Lori Palmer invites you to explore contemplations and meditations that will help you create a deeper appreciation of the body’s health and vitality. Sharing lessons and stories she’s cultivated from years of yoga practice, Lori provides a roadmap toward a healthier approach to nutrition and the human spirit. Yoga poses work on the soft tissues of the body, like a hand gently squeezing a sponge. When the organs of the digestive system are compressed in poses, stale and waste-bearing fluids in those areas are encouraged out of the tissues. Once these materials are freed up, the body is better able to eliminate them. When an area is opened or stretched out in a yoga pose, new life-giving nutrients are able to circulate into the cells. In this systematic way, yoga poses massage the vital organs associated with the digestive system, stimulate the digestive muscles and increase the wave like movements in the body that are known as Peristalsis. Yogic breathing exercises send oxygen deep into the cells of the body and help it to absorb nutrients and excrete waste products thoroughly. In essence, all of the tools of Yoga work together to reduce the stress response, rebalance the autonomic nervous system and create a powerful relaxation response that allows the healing functions of the parasympathetic nervous system to occur.

$40 Workshop fee

CEC's available for students ON THE PATH to yoga teacher training

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