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Past Meditation Workshops

Restorative Yoga Nidra with Essential Oils

Thursday Oct 20 at 745 at Ideal Method in Independence, after the free Essential Oils 101 class.

Register here for this $15.00 class. Essential oils will be diffused during the class to enhance the restorative practice, and if desired students will also have hands on with essential oils prior to the deep relaxation. This guided meditation combined with relaxation enhancing essential oils will be a deeply healing and restorative experience. Join us for the free Essential Oils 101 prior to the class, then relax and restore with this powerful yogic sleep technique.


Saturday February 7, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

at Krysia Energy Yoga in Westlake, Ohio 

Join Lori for a healing meditation workshop to develop or enhance your mindfulness practice, set the tone for healing physically, emotionally and spiritually, and set your compass to keep your life on track.

Meditation is a practice to become the witness of your life and sort through the stories that are no longer serving you. In the Healing Meditation workshop we will explore several methods of meditation to begin a mindfulness practice or add to your mindfulness practice. The workshop will consist of meditation techniques including a pranayama technique of alternate nostril breathing to balance the body and mind, a healing mantra meditation, a guided chakra cleansing meditation, and healing guided meditation. We will also develop a personal sankalpa, or resolve, that can be useful as an intention for setting the tone of your mediation and yoga practice on a daily basis. A sankalpa practice emerges from the notion that we are all perfectly complete to fulfill our dharma, or life's purpose. When we are out of alignment with the core of our being, dis-ease can emerge. A healing meditation mindfulness practice and a personal sankalpa will help us align, focus our minds, connect to our most heartfelt desires, and channel the divine energy within to begin the healing process.

We will explore these techniques in a supportive environment and there will be a Q&A session as well as time for journaling after each meditation technique is practiced. This workshop is appropriate for all levels and you will leave feeling lighter and more balanced. There will be a gentle warm up suitable for all levels to prepare the body for the meditations sessions.


Sunday March 29, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

at French Creek YMCA in Avon

Zen Month at the YMCA


Reiki and Meditation workshop